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From: Mehdi Keddache (
Date: 02/24/97

The computer was hacked...
Now I am not a system guru but I what I see is that unless there is
another way that I am clueless about, when you access a computer through
telnet you are asked a login and a password. According to some theory that
I read somewhere if your password is long enough and unrelated to your
public activities (not mickeymouse for the disney site root login) there
is only one chance in some trillion that one can find the password and it
would take them 10 times that amount of minutes to type in all the
passwords even with a good computer.

My questions are:
Is being hacked a concern? Does it happen? Is it the result of poor site
security or are there really people out there that can make my computer
believe that they are me when they are not? In other words, do hackers
really exist or are they just an internet rumor?
***** If so can you change my grades on the University computer? *****

Mehdi aka Heritsun (no longer at Eclipse of Fate, you can go hack there,
								I don't care)

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