[Code] Reading in the .obj files.

From: John Evans (evansj@texas.net)
Date: 02/25/97


Using 3.0bpl11 with Oasis as the OLC. Playing with the Timer on objects so
that spells can create "temporary" items that will crumble to dust after a
certain number of ticks.

I have everything working great, and ran into two problems that I did not
forsee. One of which I cannot seem to be able to solve. :(

First problem (which I solved, and am listing because it may be relevant):
	The OLC was not saving the Timer data into the .obj file. I found
where the object is saved at and fixed that problem. The data is being
saved properly.

Second problem (and the one that I cannot seem to track down):
	I cannot find the code that reads the .obj files into the database
upon boot. I've searched through db.c, olc.c, oedit.c, and objsave.c by
hand as well as grep. I have gone through most of the rest of the code by
hand, and I have grepped *.c and *.h SO many times that my G, R, E, and P
keys no longer have any ink on them (literally!!).
	The reason that I am searching for where objs are read into memory
is because the timer value that is being saved is not being read. I'll set
the timer to 2 (or some non-zero value), and then save. Check the .obj
file, and there is the 2 right where I want it to be. The object is fine
at this point. When I reboot the mud, and get back on, I 'vstat o' the
object and the timer is at 0 instead of 2.

Could someone please point me in the right direction, or give me a hint
or five?

Thank you,
John Evans

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