Re: Looking for Builders/Players for mud...

From: claywar (
Date: 02/25/97

>         Should it matter the spelling of something, or if his current 
> information about the past and history is up to date? This is a gaming 
> system mostly based on Dungeons and Dragons (also another game) and  
> was meant to be something to enjoy. 
>         Regardless of what he wrote, and how it was written, I believe 
> that everyone here understood what he meant, and if they did not I am 
> sure he would have been happy to explain it if they were to have asked. 

Hmm, I believe you're assuming a bit too much.  Those who know the true
meaning see something other than what you see, such as the Dark Ages
example.  I'd hate to argue, but from my experience with both gaming
systems, Circle is quite different from T$R's little money making scheme
of a game.  Just because a game uses hitpoints, and is in a fantasy time
period doesn't nescessarily mean it is D&D based.  The spelling correction
helped me, I was mispelling deity without even knowing it, and for that I
am grateful.  Knowledge is a powerful thing, so whats the point in going
around ignorant?


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