Re: Doors

From: Erik (
Date: 02/25/97

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Ron Hensley wrote:

> What I want is to have a room, with no door heading north.
> When a player says the magic word or does the magix thing, my room 
> special hears and, and will create a door north to an already exiting room.
> After some time, the door will be deleted, so its gone again for the next 
> player.
  Allocating and de-allocating on the fly is extremely dangerous unless 
you're very comfortable with the code. A _much_ easier and safer method, 
is to add a new door flag, BLOCKED. Do not show blocked doors to players. 
Then, its extremely simple to write a few diff functions that can all 
remove the blocked flag from the door, either one side, or both. On 
duris, we have room procs that look for magic words, and item procs that 
check for various actions, such as rub lamp, push statue, etc. You could 
even use a few mob procs, such as asking the guard please, or offering to 
line his pockets.

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