Re: Game balance

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 02/25/97

> I'm currently working on my mud, and have realized that game balance seems
> to be one of the most confusing aspects of the game.  What are some tips on
> balancing the game.  

Well, depending on how much you've done, as many as a dozen aspects
or more could be involved.  I feel it starts with the classes themselves.
Granted, not all classes, or races, for that matter are created equal.
They shouldn't all be played the same way.  However,  if you have 20 PC
thieves to every 1 PC mage, that's a warning sign.

Okay, getting to the point.  Unbalance rears it's ugly head when more and
more variables are introduced.  Particularly when said variables have large
ranges.  So, a good solution might be to neutralize some of these variables.

If, for example, all classes were to use the SAME XP chart, you've 
illiminated one of those nasty variables.  Funny I should attack this
right off, because it seems that the XP charts are what most muds try
to adjust to FIX unbalance problems.  Bad idea.  If a class is gaining
XP to fast or to slow, you need to look for ways to change their gaining

Similarly, you could have mob values, such as hit points and exp purely 
dependant on the mobs level and perhaps a couple of other fields.
You could do relativly the same thing with weapons and armor.

Good luck.
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