Concerning the Mentor program

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/26/97

Well, just so everyone knows, and doesn't wonder,  I received
2 responses about my offer of attempting to start a mentor
program,  one of those was from someone volunteering to
mentor :)

Just so we all know, in the face of Overwhelming non-involvement
in general, I'm going to withdraw my offer.  (yeah right, like I'd
get any mail about it now anyways :P  Oh well, I had hoped I could
start something to help out the mud community in general, but it
appears that no-one wants to help out.  I _might_ post a similar
offer to Usenet after the 15'th of March (my 21 birthday and last
day of spring break, go figure) but right now its a success, er,
maybe.  It depends on if those 2 people that responded help each
other :)  (As long as one newbie was helped out, I consider the
program a success :) 

Jason Goodwin

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