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From: Brian Guilbault (
Date: 02/27/97

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Shapeshifter wrote:

>         Would anyone happen to have an 'autoassist' code they would be
> able to share with us? I have seen some, but a lot of them are buggy and
> I think it would be better to find one that worked completely/correctly.

I looked into the possibility of doing this, but decided against it for a 
few reasons. I can see it getting weird depending on whether or not your 
mud is pkill or not, groups vs. non-groups, etc. Also I didn't see the 
need to recreate a lot of code that you can do with any mud client out 

However, if you wanted to you could make a flag called PRF_AUTOASSIST. 
Then in your do_kill function you loop through the folowers of the 
attacker who is likely the group leader. Mind you this is pseudo-code, 
but you get the idea:

in do_kill:

  if in group and is master of that group {
    loop through the followers
    if follower has auto-assist flag on
      hit the guy the master is fighting

If you want, I can probably write the code, it's not that hard, but I 
didn't feel like leaving my mailer :-)

Hope that helps you,


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