Code it yourself.

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 02/27/97

I hate to flame, but this is getting ridiculous.  This is very easy code, 
and if you bothered to look at the code and learn it a little you would 
know how to do this.  I am tired of people asking, can you code this for 
me?  The answer should be NO.  It's one thing to post a chunk full of 
code that you've spent hours working on and ask for advice.  It's also ok 
to write up a theory on how you want something to work, and ask people to 
take a look at it and give you suggestions.  That's what this list is 
for.  It is not (at least in my opinion) for people to ask other people 
to code for them.  It's your MUD, you code it.

> Hi, i need a help with the code of the command do_consider.
> I want put a litle of stat code in act.informative.c in the command
> do_consider to do it.
> user>cons mob
> mud>you are mad!
> mud> he have [points] of hit, [point] dam and [points] hitpoints
> !!
> Anyone can help me??

If I'm way off on this one feel free to drop me email back at  If you're going to flame, at least make it constructive.

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