Re: Code it yourself.

From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 02/27/97


I apologize if the flame was directly pointed towards yourself.  It is 
not just yourself that causes my frustration. 

About your problem, 

You seem to have found the file where the code for consider is.  You need 
to be using GET_MAX_HIT() and GET_HIT(), etc.  Those are standard circle 
functions.  Take a look at how the score command works, it should give 
you come idea.  Be sure to change the (ch) in score to (vict) or (victim) 
depending on what consider uses, otherwise you'll just get your own 
hitpoints, etc.

Monroe - Eternal

> Sorry guys! im a aprendice of muds!! i dont programing very well in mud 
> languaje and i dont speak very well the english so..
> Can them help me to work this code!?

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