RE: [question] adding levels

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/28/97

From:  Bellman []

>I have read all of the level.doc's possible, and still, not one of them
>makes much sense to me...probably because i am a newbie. Can someone give me
>the most IN-DEPTH, most SPECIFIC instructions that your brain can dig up? I
>wanna have 150 mortal levels, and immortal levels will be 151-154...please

1) backup your code
2) Get a large supply of coffee - don't drink too much at once so as to make sure
  you have a steady supply of energy.
3) Fire up grep or whatever you use to search through the code
4) Make all the changes you can find. 
5) Compile and fix the bugs
6) Repeat from step 3.
7) Fire up the code
8) Fix the crashes
9) Repeat from step 3
10) Sit back and enjoy your accomplishment

Seriously.. Changing levels isn't someone can really create a doc for. It has wide ranging affects
On the code.. especially in the balance.. It's something you'll want to figure out for yourself so that
You can understand all the implications of doing it.

I converted to 100 levels about a year ago.. Still working on fine-tuning all the balance related issues.


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