Re: [Code] EXP Gain Bug

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 03/03/97

> 	I have the max_exp_gain set to 100000 in config.c AND in
> limits.c but when a PC kills some mobs they get more than that.

This doesn't solve your problem, but as an alternative, try
max_exp_gain as a dynamic value which changes with level.

i.e.  (<minimum_exp_for_level+1> - <minimum_exp_for_level>) /

So, with real numbers, suppose you decree that a player must
kill at least 25 mobs before advancing.  You have a level 3
warrior who needed 4000 exp to reach that level and needs
8000 exp to reach level 4.

The max exp per kill would be (8000-4000)/25 = 160.

The same warrior at level 10 (512000 exp for level 10,
1024000 for level 11) would earn a max exp of
(1024000-512000)/25 = 20480.

This assures that by grouping, the level 10 can't help
the level 1 get 3 levels with a mere single kill.

NOTE:  the numbers are assumed, I don't presume to know
how your exp chart(s) are set up.

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