RE: Buf Switches / Memory

From: Brian Helms (
Date: 02/28/97

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Gary Barnett wrote:
> Incidentally I have created a command called VAFFECT that reports the
> affects an object can bestow. I'd post it, but as the names of all the stats
> and most of the affects have been changed from stock it'd be more trouble
> to change than to create a new one.. It is a good one for the idea mill though.
> Handy to find all those -100 AC and +10 strength items your less than perfect
> builders make :)
> --Mallory
I also stuck in a similar command for scrolls/staffs/wands/potions that
diplays the object, spell level and spells they cast so you can easily
pull out the crazy high-level or powerful spell items builders may have
accidently stuck in.


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