Date: 02/28/97

Ladesma A. Bell wrote:
> Hi ya All,
>    Anyone know where I can get a good OLC sorce??,
>                                     Amsedal :o)
>           Amsedal All Powerful Magi,      &          Wendy A. Furry
>                  <aka> Ladesma A. Bell                A Chronic Horse Gamer!
> Wendy's Five Farm Acres

CircleMUD ftp site has oasis and obuild. . both are good. . tho they are 
different. . oasis is menu based and the original coder no longer works 
on it. Obuild is command driven. . . Sammy is still working on it :-) I 
think it is very powerful. Basically it depends what you like. Be 
prepared to spend time debugging either and customizing them to what you 
want on your mud. I have used both , tho I currently have oasis on my 
mud. At times tho I miss the speed and power of Obuild, but builders 
really seem to like the menus of Oasis.  Myrrdin's Dig code is a nice 
addition to oasis, it is especially nice if you add to it to allow it to 
dig <new room>. Good luck with what ever you choose. 

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