Re: [Newbie] Regen Rooms

From: John Evans (
Date: 03/01/97

On Sat, 1 Mar 1997, Shapeshifter wrote:

>         Well, I have added REGEN_ROOMS into the MUD but they do not seem
> to be taking affect. I think All the coding and changes are correct, but
> we might have missed something. Does something in limits.c need to be
> changed or something like that? Please let me know. I have looked around
> through the codes and I must be missing a little bit from somewhere.

As per the last portion of my snippet that Alex put on the web page, you
DO need to add in code to check for the flag. You also have to have at
least one room with the flag for the flag to do anything at all.

Simply adding in the flag to structs.h and constants.c (and boosting
NUM_ROOM_FLAGS if you have Oasis) will not do a thing. It'd be like buying
a gun but not getting any bullets.

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