[code] poof saves

From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@erskine.polaristel.net)
Date: 03/01/97


I finally got the poof save code to work, but had a question about how it worked.  My concern is this...

#define POOF_LENGTH     200
  This is the entry I put in structs.h to get my poofs to show up.  Part of what was preventing me from getting this to work sooner was the size of the define.  I started with 30 there, and nothing showed, so I assumed I had made an error some place else (and I may have in spite of the fact that it works now)   What I'm wondering is why so large a number when my actual poofs are under 30 chars in size?  Is the number counting bits?  I also tried other values, with more and more of the actual poofs being displayed each time I made an increase.
	Anyway, guess my point is, is this an exceptable number for the job, or do I have to find some other error?

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