Re: [code] [question] [newbie] Mob Attacks

From: brian (
Date: 03/02/97

brian wrote:
>>   dan's on the right track, but instead of having the mob just switch
>> FIGHTING(ch) = newvict, why not enable it to fight multiple people at
>> once?
> This is just my two cents on this subject, but it seems to me that it
> would be highly unrealasitic for a mob to be hitting multiple people at
> one time with any efectiveness. . I think switching victims would prolly
> be the most realistic . .. even more realistic to concentrate attacks on
> those who were the greatest threat or most hurt (as already mentioned).

  sorry if i confused you,  the code i sent was simply to switch around a
certain set of fighters, not hit them all in the same round..

   the reason i have it more complex then dan's idea is so the multiple
fighter idea can be applied to players..  (of course, you could just have
it check for who's FIGHTING() it and randomely pick one to hit, but the
player might want to take care of a certain two mobs before concentrating
on a third)

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