Re: [Code] EXP Gain Bug

From: John Evans (
Date: 03/02/97

At 10:09 PM 2/28/97 -8000, you wrote:
>> 	I have the max_exp_gain set to 100000 in config.c AND in
>> limits.c but when a PC kills some mobs they get more than that.
>This doesn't solve your problem, but as an alternative, try
>max_exp_gain as a dynamic value which changes with level.
>i.e.  (<minimum_exp_for_level+1> - <minimum_exp_for_level>) /

I did something similar, but via a different route. I coded it so that the
max exp gained per kill was 10% of the total exp that the character had
earned. I also had to code it so that at least 100 exp were given out, so
that people with 0 exp wouldn't be stuck there by getting 10% of 0.  :)

This means that if Bob has earned 100,000 exp, the most that he can gain
with his kill is 10,000.

I like this method because the "cap" on exp changes dynamically as the
character gains exp, not levels.

I don't have to code handy at the moment, and am too tired to mailer-write
it. With that info, you should be able to code it if you want to. 
If you can't..... well, no comment.

John Evans  -

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