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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 03/03/97

On Mon, 3 Mar 1997 wrote:

> 	After asking for some example code or for any help with getting
> an assemble command to work at all and very little useful response.  I
> consider the response I got none at all but some people did try and help
> so I won't leave them behind, I must thank you for atleast trying.  But
> after getting no help I decided to go about it all myself and figure it
> out and it turned out being much easier then I previously thought, but 
> since I got no help, I'm neglecting to post it to the list.

No-one is required to help you. If it was so damn easy, why didn't
you do it for yourself in the first place, eh? This list isn't just
for people to ask for help. If people ignored your question it was
either because they didn't have time to help, they couldn't help, they
didn't want to, or they never read/received your e-mail. Sorry if you
feel so offended about that, but the only person to blaim is you, for
sending, first, a question about a problem you could have solved by
yourself all along, and second, this worthless piece of shit to the

What you are essentially saying above is that you could have done it
all along, so you wasted your time and everyone else's time (in some
manner or another), and then you discovered, "Hey, I don't suck as
much as I thought I did," then you went out and coded it. Afterwhich,
you come back here, and prove just how much you do suck.

Go away, since it was so easy, everyone will just write it for themselves
if they want it, and the brunt of the attention you'll be getting are
flames. Good luck, to you.

BTW, this was sent to the list to demonstrate something. Simply put,
this message is a perfect exampe of what a dumbass is, and why, if
you know one, you should put them to sleep. There is no excuse for
such childish behavior on the list, and it's my hope that in the future
we never get messages like, "I have it, you don't, hahahaha!" to the
list again.

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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