From: Daniel W. Burke (dwb@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 03/03/97

I've descovered some sort of problem in point_update().  Seems there's a 
ton of potential for freed memory to be accessed.  After position updates 
for suffering/poison etc, there's the idle check, but if the player dies, 
then it's checking if an already freed character is idle.  This strikes 
me as bad, and electric fence seemed to agree.  (althogh more serious for 
my mud since I've added other stuff to point_update())

I'm currently working on this problem, but it seems a tad defficult at a 
glance.  I'm not asking for help, I'm merely reporting this to everyone 
else so it is common knowedge (and I'm curious if anyone else has even 
noticed this)

Brazil - Implementor if AddictMUD
         addict.realms.org  4000       4000

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