Re: [Admin][Newbie] : Have problems with patching. Help Me PLEASE ...

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/09/97

> Greetings everyone ,
> I have 2 problems and I hope U can help me :
> 1) I can't patch correctly. I am constantly trying to patch things to
> my Circle3.0bpl11 , but with no luck. I use patch < patchfile.patch
> and ALWAYS get many *.eje files , and can't patch the whole thing.
> So , what do I do wrong (I use patches that should patch perfectly
> and I tried to patch MANY patches , but no luck) ? and how can I use
> the *.eje files ?

        eje?  rej maybe?
Rej files or reject files, are made because patch was unable to find a
match within the specified range in the code, for what to remove, add, or
        That sounds confusing.. dosen't matter how it works though,
sometimes, if your code is different from what the patch is from, you'll
get rej files.  Here's what you do -
        Edit that rej file.  Good.  In there, you'll see the code you want
to put in. You'll have to cut and paste it, or hand-type it (ooooh!) but,
it should go in there. I forget right off hand what the notation is for
what to add, what to delete, but uh, if you stick to adding the stuff that
dosen't exist, and deleting the stuff that does, you should be okay :)

        Then compile.
> 2) I can't seem to code from home. Only by useing the vi editor online
> can I properly code (otherwise when I compile , many errors accure).
> What can I do in order to code from home ?

        You may be creating your .c files in dos. This is bad. Use the
program "dos2unix" to convert your text dos files to a text unix file.
There are differences, mainly in EOF, and EOL codes, and your compiler
will bitch if it looks and thinks your code is one 20K string, w/o return
chars and no reasonable end. :) Otherwise, i can't think of any reason why
you can't code at home. I do it all the time on my linux machine, using
CVS (remote update and commital rule!).


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