Re: [editor] external editor <>

From: Ben Leibig (leibig@ROBIN-NVH.BVSD.K12.CO.US)
Date: 07/10/97

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:24:01 -0500you wrote:

>>I can tell you that using your favorite editor to edit notes, text files,
>>mob programs and such is a REAL improvent of normal line-editing, even if
>>that has s/replace, deleteing/inserting lines and such.
>MUD++ simply implements a full telnet daemon and uses SPico for building.
>No special client and still a nice editor.  I don't know what kind of
>security risk that is, probly more to worry about codewise looking for
>buffer problems and loopholes.  If you can do a C++ -> C port it might be
>worth it but a pain.
Hehe, thats my prob, i am aboslutly clueless when it comes to socekt programming and
mud++ uses its own socket lib.  I would have absolutly no idea how to convert all of
those custom calls to C nor how to import it into circle...  Any other great ideas?

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