[Announcement] CircEdit 0.89w (Walkthrough mode) for Win 95/NT

From: M.C. Lewis (mc2@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 07/10/97

Hey kids --
               NEW VERSION 0.89w (Walkthrough) IS OUT!
 CircEdit is an offline CircleMUD/DikuMUD .wld editor for Win 95/NT.


- Complete .wld file editing
- Configurable room bitvectors & sector types
- Save & Load UNIX style (LF) or DOS-style (CRLF) files
- Saves .MAP files when you place your own rooms with the MAP editor
- Automatic "guess"-mapping during load when no .MAP file is present
  (works best for spatially consistent Circle areas)
- Completely configurable embedded/inline color codes. Use any string
  you want!
- Walkthrough mode added.

I did the walkthrough stuff real quick, so let me know if you have any
problems.  Also please note that there is no help file, so if you don't
already know how to build, this won't tell ya!


It's also on the Circle FTP site, in Incoming right now.

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