Re: Dig/Bury command problems

From: Bodega (bodega@PETSTORE.TELEC.COM)
Date: 07/10/97

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Michael B. Schlagenhauf wrote:

> items.  What happens is that a user can dig anywhere and they'll turn up
> items that are buried in other zones that are still being written.  I've
> --
> Mike Schlagenhauf

I experienced the same problems with the dig command. I made a simple fix
that allows a player to dig up only one item in the room at a time (that
is if there are more than one)... this also fixed finding objects from
differnt zones problem that you have. My code has changed from the
original snippet, but I believe all that was needed to fix the problem
was a return; command...I'll post what I believe to be the fix from the
original snippet, if this doesn't work e-mail me (not the list) and I'll
try to help you out.

in do_dig:
while (obj != NULL) {
   if (IS_BURIED(obj)) {
      if (CAN_SEE...) {
         found_item = 1;
         return;  <- add this
      } else {
   obj = obj->next;

The ...'s means I'm too lazy to type out what should be there.


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