Re: [Question] Dig/Bury command problems

From: Robert Sinland (rsinland@ERSKINE.POLARISTEL.NET)
Date: 07/10/97

Michael B. Schlagenhauf wrote:
> Dunno if you guys can help with this or not.  I'm a builder on a MUD
> (implementor on another) and that mud is having problems with burying
> items.  What happens is that a user can dig anywhere and they'll turn up
> items that are buried in other zones that are still being written.  I've
> looked thru the code (it's the snippet dig/bury code, I'm pretty sure) and
> I can't figure out what's happening with it.  Any ideas?  I'm completely
> out of 'em at this point...  Thanks!
> (Sorry about the long sig, stupid terminal program won't let the arrow
> keys work!)  Thanks again!
> --
  Look for a line like this in do dig

obj = obj->next_content;

(forget what the original looked like)

change it from obj->next (or whatever) to obj->next_content

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