Re: [CODE] Serious Money Bug , Revisited

From: Niese-Petersen (Tenp@CRIS.COM)
Date: 07/11/97


Looks like the good old bug.. (Haven't checked if it was fixed in bpl11)

Connect to the mud. When asked for name, enter it, and no more.
Connect to the mud with another session. Enter same name, and log all the
way in. Drop or give the money, rent and quit that descriptor. Go to other
session, and log fully in. *bingo* That descriptor got the same amount of


When you enter a name, the character information is being loaded into the
descriptor, so the MUD can check the password. That means the descriptor
got all information of the character, like money, and There is no check to
see if the character is already entered once at the name prompt.

That way you can have two descriptors with the same character information.

Can also trip out the IMPs :) Do the same thing, but instead of rent/quit
with the first character loged in, then just cut connection. And the log
in with the other one.  Then you can see your own linkdead character :)

What to do: When someone enter the game, go through all descriptors and
see if the character is anywhere else with a connection, and if so cut the

Hope that helped,

Erik Niese-Petersen
AKA Quint the Typo Dane

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