Re: Compiling Circle with Gnu Win32 Beta 18 at Jul 11, 97 07:14:08 pm

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 07/11/97

[stuff snipped]

There's another setup step that might be helpful if you plan to use
bash and take advantage of gnu-win32's features. Open up regedit
and look under HKEY_CURRENT_USER  ... Software. Look for two entries
(there may only be one) called Cygnus Solutions and Cygnus Support.
Expand each of these until you've reached mount. There should be
5 entries marked 00 to 04. In each of these entries double click
on fbinary and change it from 0 to 1. It will now default to binary
mode instead of text mode.

> Make sure you have a copy of the CircleMUD source on your computer.
> Preferably the file from the FTP site.  Now, using
> an unzip program (such as Winzip), unzip the archive so that you have
> the files in a directory called \circle30bpl11.  If you are using
> Winzip, extracting it to the C:\ directory will automatically create a
> directory tree starting in \circle30bpl11 that contains the entire
> distribution.

If you've set your mounts correctly, you might as well download
circle30bpl11.tar.gz. To expand it, start up bash and type:
gunzip circle30bpl11.tar.gz    and then tar -xf circle30bpl11.tar
You can then either delete the circle30bpl11.tar file, or gzip it
and store it somewhere safe. The advantage to this is that all the
directories are created properly.

> This point should be the only place you need to ever use the BASH shell.

Some of us like the bash shell better than DOS. :)

> Open the makefile (using the Win95 EDIT program is good for this, as it
> preserves the tabs in the file)

If you make the mount changes, don't forget to save the file as a UNIX
file, not a DOS file. I'm not sure win95 edit can do this. I use
Programmer's File Editor (
It's a very nice "bare bones" text editor with a couple of features
for programmers.

> int nameserver_is_slow = NO;
> and change it to:
> int nameserver_is_slow = YES;

This has to do with a bug in the current release of gnu-win32.
I believe gethostbyaddr() returns the wrong value. There is a
patched version floating around somewhere, check the mailing
list archives at cygnus for more info.

> You may now start the mud by changing to the c:\circle30bpl11 directory
> and typing 'bin\circle'.  You should see the messages indicating the mud
> is booting and after a minute or so, you will see 'No connections.  Going
> to sleep.'  At this point you can minimize the window and from the desktop,
> use your favorite MUD client or telnet program (just don't use the
> telnet.exe that is included with Win95, it doesn't work with Circle
> correctly), and connect to 'localhost 4000' or ' 4000', whichever
> happens to work for you.

Ahh... the moment it first runs. =)
I would suggest, though,  staying in bash and starting the mud with
autorun &, but that's just my opinion.

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