Re: [code help]ascii maps???

From: Dan Stagner (Admin) (dans@GOLIATH.MERSINET.CO.UK)
Date: 07/11/97

> Hrm.. there are ALOT of things not in circle :)  One thing i noticed
> (which is a really bad side effect) after imp'ing sacrifice (and then
> autosac) was that players seem to be able to sac other players corpses
> (BAD!) hehee... any thoughts on this?
> Eliah
> 4000

Yeah, just put in a check similar to:

it just checks if the item is a container (which a corpse is if you
look at make_corpse) and checks for the TRUE value on the 4th flag, which
means it's a corpse.

should take care of it.

Dan Stagner/Sorphin

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