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From: Indi (indii@BELLSOUTH.NET)
Date: 07/11/97

Yohay Etsion wrote:

> 2) Is there a working patch of OasisOLC ANYWHERE ?
> It patches and compiles perfectly on my system ,
> but any saving of the data online crashes the
> whole system , and I know many users suffer from
> the same problem.

Not that I have seen. There is a patch which fixes some bugs. But the
way we fixed the medit new bug is by causing a massive memory leak..
thisa is not recomended. .  as the memory leak is cauing its own set of
problems. If we ever fix it we will post it. .  but thus far we have
been unable to.

> 3) How about Obuild ? Would you recommend using it ?
> Does it have many bugs ? Is it easy to use and compile ?

Obuild is _much_ more stable. It is as easy to add as Oasis. The
difference with obuild and oasis is that obuild is command driven while
oasis is menu driven. I think many of Obuild's capabilities exceed
Oasis, but you have to learn the series of commands.

On my homepage I am putting together a bunch of resources for mudders. .
it is FAR from complete write now and majorly under construction.  . I
have links to Samedi's homepage (creator of obuild) and a link to the
oasis debugging project. You may wanna pop in there. Follow the links for coders.

The other bonus about Obuild is that Samedi supports it and is always
working on developing it. The creators of Oasis do not do any more owkr
on it nor do they support it.

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