Re: [Source][Newbie] : Some questions ...

From: Dan Stagner (Admin) (dans@GOLIATH.MERSINET.CO.UK)
Date: 07/12/97

> >
> > 2) Is there a working patch of OasisOLC ANYWHERE ?
> > It patches and compiles perfectly on my system ,
> > but any saving of the data online crashes the
> > whole system , and I know many users suffer from
> > the same problem.

I guess it's just me then. I've _never_ had any problems with OasisOLC
since day one ;) other than a couple modifications in oedit for example
if you change only the Values information it won't prompt you to ask if
you want to save the changes, and on medit the d description, both which
are easy fixes. In case anyone is interested (which could maybe help
explain why I've had no serious problems) I run Linux 2.0.30 with and I have ran it under 5.4.17 as well.
How ever I would be happy to assist anyone that is having a problem with
it if I have the time.


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