Re: [Newbie] : Some questions ...

From: (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 07/12/97

Yohay Etsion wrote:

> 3) How about Obuild ? Would you recommend using it ?
> Does it have many bugs ? Is it easy to use and compile ?

I had to make the decision a while back, and at the time, there was
many complaints about Oasis becuase of some crashes ... And nothing
about Obuild (vertually nothing). So i thought, what is wrong with
obuild?? Well .. simple. There isn't the pretty little menu's. That's
it. Besides that, Obuild [IMHO] is the better OLC. I've modifed my
obuild a fair bit, to coincide with my new modified .mob, .obj and
.wld files, and things worked perfectly all the time. " But STILL
there are no menu's", people cry! So, my builder made (in a few
minutes) ZMUD BUTTONS which now act as menu's! SIMPLE! DONE! PRESTO!
The best OLC around.

So i recomend you use Obuild. It patches perfectly (but so does Oasis
they all cry!), and has only ONE BUG which everyone knows about - You
cannot modifed an object or mob that is currently exsists. The
solution - just kill / purge the room with the exsisting _thing_ you
want to modify. And DONE!

NOTE : This is just my opinion. If you look back over the past threads
in the last 12 months, you be amazed how many people ask questions
about Oasis. I never read em cause i'm not interested, but by mistake
i have clicked on them and quickly glanced at them, and lots seem to
be crashing questions, free this? gdb that? etc. Waste of time for me.

NOTE #2 : Oasis DOES support OLC editing for MobProgs (i think).
Obuild doesn't. Then again, who would use mob_progs in their right
mind anyway? I heard it sucks bigtime (code wise). Is LUA the same
thing (a type of mobprogs?) How much better is that?


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