Re: how to make lag again

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 07/12/97

>I have to use stuff like PULSE and WAIT_STATE. I tried them and they did
  yeah, you do haveta use WAIT_STATE() to produce a proper lag

>smoothly? I do appreciate an example. :) thanx

  Example :     WAIT_STATE(victim, 5 RL_SEC);
     This will lag 'victim' (must be of type  (struct char_data *)
  for   5 RL_SEC      (RL_SEC is defined as     (* PASSES_PER_SEC))
so either
WAIT_STATE(victim, 5 RL_SEC);
is the same as
and they will both lag 'victim' for 5 Real Life Seconds.
That's how ya do it, or you can do this

that would basically lag the victim for
a typical 5 (fighting) round lag (depends on how fast your rounds are)

would lag 'victim' for the next 5  mobile_activity() updates,
what this means, is merely that it would lag em
5 * how long it takes a normal mob to move.

would lag 'victim' for 5 Zone Resets (I do believe
                          that's what a PULSE_ZONE is)

of course, you do not have to use JUST    5  for anything,
i used 5 as an example,  you could lag the victim for two minutes
(Two Minute Time Out?) with this line:
120 seconds = 2 minutes;
WAIT_STATE(victim, 120 RL_SEC);

and those are available examples, the problem of your mud lagging up,
due to WAIT_STATE() just must be on YOUR end (not the mud's connection)
or something like that.  The whole mud lagging up could
be the result of a near (?) infinite loop somewhere.

anyway, those are examples, and they work fine for me, as a matter of fact,
I have written my own do_lag  and do_unlag  function, and if anyone
wants to see that, just send me a mail :-)

  My friends (and fellow coders) call me Akuma, nice to meet ya :-)

Akuma the Raging Coder
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