Re: [CODE] 2 odd things that haunt me..

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/13/97

> > >
> > > 1)  When a player quits or rents (quiting is ok on my mud) then returns
> > > immediately from the main menu they end up back where they originally
> > > entered the game rather than where they quit/rented.  I have replaced
> > > almost every instance of save_char(ch, NOWHERE) with ch->in_room, but to
> > > no avail... anybody else experience this?
> > >
> > then grep for save_char(
> > change them all to
> > save_char(d->character, GET_LOADROOM(d->character));
> > or
> > save_char(ch, GET_LOADROOM(ch));
> My question is why couldn't you use:
> save_char(ch, ch->in_room);
        Uh. I guess you could. It depends on how you want to do it. I
think at the time, I was trying to get it so it wouldn't always save you
to the room, if you already had a load_room set.  This way immos and
favored morts could start in their own (usually personal) start room, and
as long as they had their loadroom flag set, they would keep popping up
there.  I could have done most of the stuff in save_char (as a matter of
fact, I did) but like I said, the code fragments i've put up are repetive.


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