Re: messages

From: Andy Hubbard (hub@LEICESTER.AC.UK)
Date: 07/14/97

>         Thank you very much Andy!
no problem!
> Next problem:  with patched.src, immortals can't attack or the game
> crashes, I think it has to do more with them being attacked.  Any ideas?
Can't say this happened to me with the patched.src
Have a quick look in spells.h again and make sure that the weapon
attack types are defined from 300 onwards and in messages they are
done likewise, and that the god messages are still there!
Then have a look through fight.c, try a find in the file for IMMORT,
you'll come across int skill message and further down void damage.
Check these two are OK.
Take them out if you want .. just let your immorts know!  Then try
again and see if crash occurs .......  if it does then your prob is
in there somewhere .....


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