Re: MEDit Free Revisited.

From: Mike Lindsey (mike.lindsey@BPMI.NET)
Date: 07/14/97

Where can you find the update files for Visual C++ 4.2 for 95?

> > I have been recently having problems with crashes in MEdit, on the
> > medit_save_to_disk() function, near free(mob_index) and
> >
> > I remember reading the solution to this is to comment those two lines
> > out... however, that would cause a memory leak, would it not?
> >
> > I searched the archives, no luck.
> >
>         Yes. This is more recently possibly fixd...
> the relevant bits broken up into parts, as i've paraphrased them.
>                 No particular order.
>         --------
>         The error in free() is because the mob_index includes the newly
> created mob, which happens to be allocated, but not yet filled in, thus,
> you free a null pointer. Either don't allocate this new mob_index entry
> (espcially since you're just going to free it), or fill in all the data.
>         ---------
>         I have upgraded my libc to the most recent release (i forget
> it was) and all errors in my medit and sedit functions went away. They
> work perfectly.
>         ---------
>         I have been able to remove the crashing error in medit by simply
> removing the line "free(mob_index)". This does create a memory leak i
> think?
>         ---------
>         Removing the free() line in medit does cause a memory leak. The
> effects of this are not immediately noticable, and may be the cause of
> many random non-repeatable errors in otherwise working functions.
>         ---------
>         And my personal take on this..
>         Go ahead and free it. If you're smart, you've probably got a
> builders port - which is probably also your coding port. This memory leak
> can be contained to this port - its the only place where medit is being
> used alot... it won't affect players. The other will assumedly be
> on a frequent basis - thus the leak will not usually affect anything.
>                 Of course, this coding style may be practical, but i
> we can all agree its like... crappy coding.

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