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From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 07/14/97

>>should it be:   (int)(GET_LVL(ch) / 10) + 1;
>>or should it be:(int)(GET_LVL(ch)) / 10 + 1;
>wouldn't these produce the same result?  I am not sure but i think C follows
>most of the same rules as arithmetic (mult and div then add and sub).
>correct me if i'm wrong and i'm sure you will.
  You're wrong,  Parenthesis come before any of that.
IE It would evaluate  GET_LEVEL(ch) as an INTEGER before continuing.
say the level is 69   (nice number eh?)
first example would result in    69/10 = 6.9

If 6.9 is evaluated as an INT, i think C completely removes the
decimal part (.9) instead of rounding up/down. so it would = 6
#1 would evaluate to  7

the second one evaluates 69 as an INT (i think they store Floats as .00001
less than the actual number)   anyway, this would end up being something
screwy, because  69/10 = 6.9;  then +1
and you get 7.9.  and if it's not added/divided anywhere else
within the statement (or evaluated as an INT) then it would round up
(i think)    to 8

so #1 evaluates to 7
and #2 evaluates to 8
I think that's a small (yet FAIRLY IMPORTANT) difference.

Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on how C handles integers.

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