Re: [Structures] New structs...

From: Robert Erica (rcerica@CS.RUU.NL)
Date: 07/14/97

At 14:18 14-07-97 +0200, David Klasinc wrote:
-->  Has anyone used that proposal for new character structures, that are on
-->snippets site? Thingie looks very nice after a quick browse...

Yes, Jaco himself, on his own mud (DiamondMud).

It really is a nice way to implement the character struct. And now, after i
got used to it, i think it's more logical then the original circle
char_data struct.
(Boy, was i surprised, when i first tried to add something (written for
stock circle) to DiamondMud, all those errors.... :)

But then again, everyone can have his own opinion on this matter. (and it
sure is a hell of a lot of work to convert you mud.... :)

Ghent, coder @ DiamondMud ( 4000 || 4000)

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