Re: Another Possible problem.

From: Christian Duvall (chris@DP.NET)
Date: 07/14/97

Mark Dickey wrote:
> In handler.c, if you search for "APPLY_CLASS" you will find that it is a
> useless statement.  Again, it is not a big problem, but it is not needed
Ok. Along this and the last post you made.
#1) If it comes up as CLASS_UNDEFINED in the initial choice, then it
WONT get to the part where the abilities are rolled hence the default is
not needed.
#2) If someone sets the APPLY_CLASS bit on something and it doesn't find
it in there, of *course* it will go to default, but that is showing the
place for it. So later if you were going thru the handler and said
APPLY_CLASS hmmm...I wanna do something with can.
It's the don't fix what's not broken morale here.

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