Re: Obuild crashbug fix (last one?) <- YES!!

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/14/97

On Monday, July 14, 1997 3:59 PM, <Pure Krome> [SMTP:pure@SPRINT.COM.AU]
> Cut out Sammy's LIFE SAVING fix.
> I've decided to correct my previous statement about Obuild and that
> known bug in it. It know has NO KNOWN BUGS ... so I recomend getting
> it. Just download ZMUD and make a few buttons, which are actually
> FASTER than making rooms/objs/mobs/zones in Oasis .. How? Becuase all
> you need to do is type the ANSWER into the button dialog box. No need
> to type in medit or mset or whatever they both (Oasis / Obuild) use.
This assumes one has zmud or a compatible mud client.

> The ZMUD button are just a serious of commands that you can creates,
> using the semi-colon to differenciate between sentences/commands. Eg.
> I have a button (Mob Edit), that when i press, it asks for the mob
> number to edit, then the alias, short, long, etc etc. and when it's
> finished, it then sends all the corresponding commands straight to the
> mud, and the mud quickly processess em. It doesn't do it at the end,
> it does it as i go along, so when it gets to things which are a list
> of menu's, like mset race (Obuild, and new modification for my mud),
> the ZMUD button would say
> in the dialog box "Please enter a number for the mobs race:", and it
> would send out the command mset race to the mud, which in turn lists
> all the mob races.
This is still more difficult to use than a menu based system, does not
self document well, and is harder to get up to speed.

> Obuild has NEVER been easier, and bug free ;)
Been a _long_ time since I've had any problems with my version of
Oasis (admittedly it is heavily customized)

> Sammy, do you want a copy of my buttons. I would have privately
> emailed ya, but couldn't be bothered writing to compositions. Email me
> at if you wanna a copy of the ZMUD buttons. Only
> Sammy that is! [I need to give him SOMETHING for the great job he has
> done!]

The other problem with a set of buttons, is that you would have to distribute
them to your builders, distribute updates and deal with zmud's rapid
developement. In the last year several format changes have been incorporated
in the zmud language.

Much better to incorporate your 'buttons' in a menu in the mud. One could
create a menu to do what your buttons do and still have obuild basically
unchanged.. best of both worlds?

my $0.02,

--Mallory"Never worry about the bullet with your name on it. Instead, worry
shrapnel addressed to 'occupant.'" --Murphy

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