log+sprintf in one

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 07/15/97

I don't know if that post was thanks to my sending them
the sprintf() codes or not, (because i don't really know) but
thanks to that snippet,
I'm now getting stuff like the following

Compiling comm.c
comm.c: In function `main':
comm.c:161: warning: unused variable `buf'
comm.c: In function `record_usage':
comm.c:849: warning: unused variable `buf'
Compiling boards.c
boards.c: In function `init_boards':
boards.c:126: warning: unused variable `buf'
Compiling spell_parser.c
spell_parser.c: In function `cast_spell':
spell_parser.c:826: warning: unused variable `buf'
spell_parser.c: In function `play_spell':
spell_parser.c:1032: warning: unused variable `buf'
spell_parser.c: In function `invoke_spell':
spell_parser.c:1394: warning: unused variable `buf'
spell_parser.c: In function `spell_level':
spell_parser.c:1594: warning: unused variable `buf'
Compiling weather.c
weather.c: In function `beware_lightning':
weather.c:44: warning: unused variable `buf'
weather.c: In function `beware_tornado':
weather.c:136: warning: unused variable `buf'

That was after ALL the modifications of changing stuff like
sprintf(buf1, "%s stuf blah blah %d", "Text", 200);
log("%s stuf blah blah %d", "Text", 200);

anyway, now i get to go in, and remove all of those
unused bufs. hehehe... never thought i'd say this, but
i may just be able to find out where buf, buf1, and buf2
are really defined at :-P

thanks, to whoever put up that post, it helped me out a bit :-)

code on
Akuma the Raging Coder
PS -- In light of the .sig file i saw before, (the one that was a shell
script that printed out 'You are a moron' each on a sepearate line,
I have include my own personal .sig file :-) chk it out.
whois js10136|grep vic|awk '{print $1}'
whois doesquirm.com|grep DOM|awk '{print $1}'
whois AF1568|grep " & "|awk '{print $1}'
whois tt509 | grep TT509 | awk '{print $4}' | cut -dw -f1
whois jk585 | grep JK585 | awk '{print $4}' | cut -d@ -f1
whois JKR1 | grep Data| awk '{print $4}'
and the REAL .sig file :-)
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