Re: Dynamic Zones

Date: 07/15/97

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Hi all,
I'm curious about whether anyone has ever tried anything with
dynamic or moving zones... such as a pirate ship which sails
the seas and moves like a wandering mob, but u can also
board and explore it.
I realize this would take hella coding, but I'm pretty much a newbie
when it comes to C, so I figured I'd ask here.

Any insight is appreciated.

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     COOL idea, I like it...

     The mob with a SPEC approach:

     1) Create a mob named Pirate Ship

     2) Make it super strong, to keep Players from killing it, they will
     form a huge party just to try, and will probably succeed.

     3) Put a Special proc on the Ship do 2 things:

       a) keep people from attacking it, do this by trapping the fight
     commands, or maybe give the ship level_grgod (not impl), fix the
     switch function to keep lower level imms out, and then not allow
     players to attack anything, not just players that are imms.

       b) trap a "board" command that teleports players to a pirate ship

     4) in the "Boarding room" of the pirate ship, put a special called
     leave, or debark that puts the play in the same room as the ship.

     5) if you want to me really really nasty make all the pirates have the
     archer SPEC and have them aiming at whatever room the ship is in.

     Good Luck

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