Re: Circle [CODE] OasisOLC

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@VISI.NET)
Date: 07/15/97

When i was using Oasis or OBuild (don't remember) I found that one of the
functions in db.h that loads the zone files and mob files ect.. that a file
was opened but never closed. I forgot which function it was in but that may
be a cause <shrug>

Chris the wanna be creator

>Using OasisOLC with release 11 of Circle 3 on a Windows 95 sytem with
>Visual C++ 4.2  I cannot save any new zones.  If I do zedit new <zone #>
>can create a new zone but then if I say zedit save <zone #> Circle
> If I try to edit a new room in the zone before I save it and I quit out
>OLC and save internally it crashes out.  Has anyone addressed this
>on their system.  I heard someone say to update the libc library and if
>it's as simple a fix as that where can I download a copy of the updated

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