Re: Dynamic Zones

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/15/97

> On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Irish, Jeremy (GEIS) wrote:
> > A simple mob flag called NOKILL would solve that problem. Then, when you
> > attempt to kill it the message would return, "You can't kill that!" -
> > voila!
> >
> > We have the entire beginning of Star Wars A New Hope done in mob
> > programs controlled by hidden mobs, and another hidden mob that moves an
> > enterable sandcrawler around. We also have the milennium falcon that if
> > you give it the keys, sends you to the cockpit where you can pilot the
> > ship. Many "dynamic" zones can be controlled by mob programs, as long as
> > you have the correct mp* command attached to it.
> *wheeze* Finnaly somebody said something usefull! I'm using hiden mobs for
> many things on the mud... And true... with a correct mp* you can do
> miracles... :)
> So land slides and tornados and rock crumling in the mountains are nothing
> special...
        I don't know if I brought this up before, I'm sure I have, but you
never can tell...
        For me, having invisible, untouchable mobs with mobprogs on them
seems hackish.  Has anyone created room and obj mobprogs?  I mean, i guess
mobprogs would be a funny thing to call it, but you get my drift neh?  It
should be able to use the same interpreter stuff (with mods from mob
structs to mob/obj/room structs depending..) and just clean up some of the
functions (mptrans depends on ->in_room i'm guessing), and then.. uh..
stick it in there..... Seems like it would be better than secondguessing
whether or not area affects will cause the invisible guy to be hit, or if
a new skill makes a check to see if they're okay...

                        Just curious mostly. I'm sure i'll put it in,
sometime in the distant future.


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