Re: [newbie] help!!!

From: Nathan Davies (alamar@MARQUIS.NETINC.CA)
Date: 07/15/97

> i know, i know, get a c book...
> can someone tell me how i would check for the command of enter and an aug
> carnival? i know how to get the command, but whenever i try to chack
> it either just uses the command or just does not work...
> thanx...

If it's in a spec proc, you could check for if( CMD_IS( "enter" )), then
one_argument( argument, somebuffer );

or if it's not in a proc, it'd be in the do_enter or something, and the
one_argument should work there too...

Of course you'd want your strcmp( "carnival", somebuffer ); or something

Av fun, good luck an hey...enjoy life :)

Nathan Davies,

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