Re: OLC building

Date: 07/16/97

> On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Mike wrote:
> I don't think speed in zone building implies lack of quality.  Good
> builders may spend weeks planning a zone out in their heads or on paper,
> and much longer writing good descriptions, but they don't want to spend a
> lot of time doing the grunt work of transferring ideas into mud data.

> I think David's reason for saying offline building is fastest is the fact
> that you can write descriptions much more easily.  The rest is a pain in
> the butt in my opinion.  I think the best way to build is to do
> but descriptions using olc, then get the files and do descriptions
> offline.
not a bad idea, but there may be better.

> Using stock obuild and a few aliases, I can throw together a large (300
> room) preplanned zone in under an hour.  Putting descriptions on
> everything may take me months :)
> Sam

How about using an external program to edit the files since you're going to
be getting the files and text editing them anyway?
Right now, I don't have any olc except the non-functional default stuff.
I'm still debating whether I need olc or if it'd just end up as another
'neato' toy that gives me all kinds of trouble with the mud.


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