Behead command

From: Eduo - Tempus Fugit Pseudo Admin (mud@SPARC.CIATEQ.CONACYT.MX)
Date: 07/16/97


I have almost completely implemented the immortals part I wanted (I will
try and post it as soon as I have it). I am missing only one part...

I made it so that level 50 players can't advance through *any* normal
means, only way to go up is by being killed by a PC or NPC (death traps
don't count). And from level 51 on they can't kill other players, they can
leave them dying, and the fight will stop there, and if they try to kill
the dying PC they can't do it.

So, know I need a command that is used for the actual killing, when the
killer advances one level (up to LVL_IMPL-1) and the killed is stripped of
valuables and returned to the temple (the valuables should disappear, I
think). This command should check for a weapon of slash, stab, claw or
pierce (like backstab does) or a weapon with the keyword 'sword' in it...

Ideas? Code? Hints?

Also, possible workarounds and abuses you can see with this?

Lastly, finally what was the easiest way to prevent people from
quitting/returning to the temple (that is, saving the room the char is
in)? I saw several propositions but no praises about any.

I'd like a more knowledgeable opinion on this than my own..:)


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