Re: [bug]With class selection

From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 07/19/97

On Saturday, July 19, 1997 9:53 PM, Ryan Guthrie
[] wrote:
> >Since you cant examine the stack with gdb, why not run the program from
> >inside gdb? load it up with gdb bin/circle.  in it type set args -q 4000
> >(or
> >whatever args you us) create your char, but send a Ctrl-Z to gdb when you
> >get to the menu, send the command and step through the code a couple lines
> >at a time.  I wouldnt suggest doing this on a port other players log onto
> >though...cuz it will apear that the mud is frozen while you step through
> >it
<snipped all the debugging info>

If it works in gdb and doesn't work outside of it, maybe it's a timing

Maybe a routine gets kicked off that doesn't finish before the mud tries
to use the value?

On MSVC I'd run it with a watch set set to break upon a change in
the player's struct. On gdb I assume there is a way (though I have never
needed to use it) to have the program break when a value changes..

Just a thought.

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shrapnel addressed to 'occupant.'" --Murphy

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