[Bug] Problems with select()

From: Erik Bernhardson (journey@JPS.NET)
Date: 07/20/97

Hiya, I'm not sure what this is, but my mud just suddenly stoped responding
to anythink, so i killed it from the shell, loaded it back up, and it
stillwouldnt respond, so i loaded it up with gdb, and it seems it registers
that someone connects, then freezes at like 642 in comm.c(if (select(0,
(fd_set *) 0, (fd_set *) 0, (fd_set *) 0, &timeout) < 0) {) anyone know
what the problem is? so far I've tried running it on 3 different ports,
that made no difference..nany help would be apreciated

Erik Bernhardson
Lor, Head Imp and Almighty ruler of Aceldama

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