Coder wanted

From: Usagi Yojimbo, Ronin (yojimbo@OPENIX.COM)
Date: 07/23/97

Hello.  I have a brand new mud that just went up on Tuesday and I need a
really good coder badly.  There are some requirements, and they are as
1) You MUST have, at one point, seen Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime)
2) You have to be able to do some complex stuff that I'VE never seen
   before, but people may have done before. (if you want some more
   in-depth info on this, please e-mail me.)
That's about it, but they're but REALLY important to my MUD.
- Eli McDougal

P.S. Please write back to me directly, so you don't spam the list with
stuff that nobody else cares about.  Thanks.  ^_^

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