Re: [HELP] Clone Spell

Date: 07/24/97

     Quote ------>
Are there any tools, or code updates, which will allow an Imp to delete
players from the player file (up to and including IMP level)?
(I'm using the standard binary player file, not an ASCII one)

  //clone_ch->player.short_descr = ch->player.short_descr;<== This
crashes the game
     clone_ch->player.long_descr = ch->player.long_descr;
     clone_ch->player.title = ch->player.title;
     <------ Quote

     1) Imps, from your clone code, you seem compitant.  go into the do_set
     code and goto the delete part of the code.  remove the imp check,
     delete the char, put the imp check back in.  TADA!!!!

     2) try a strcmp?


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