Re: [CODE][OLC][?] Deleting

From: Ron Cole (roncole@SHORE.INTERCOM.NET)
Date: 07/25/97

>> > > Is there any code out there to delete an object / room / mob?
>> > > If so, this would be extremely useful...
>> > Before some short sighted dork makes the comment, I am sure Chris refers
>> > to deleting the obj/mob/room from the world files (using OLC, I
>> > believe)... I have been looking for this myself, but I manage to garble
>> > all the indexes with every approach I try.
>> How about just creating a flag for it.. ITEM_DELETED. Then setup the olc
>> save_to_disk routines to skip objs with that flag. Simple and works well.
>> Even provides "Oops. I pressed the wrong button" protection, at least
>> until reboot/crash :-)
>Sometimes the simplest is oversighted, I had not thought of this and is
>actually simpler... I will see if I can do it..;)

You might want to consider not using one of your ITEM flags for something that
never gets saved... :-)   Just add another field to the prototypes or indexes
and use that instead.


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